Building Your Downlines in Your Downline Builders!

Building Your Downlines in Your Downline Builders!

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Featured Downline Builders

  • Join SFI Here - Although not a downline builder, you simply need this program in your portfolio! SFI is a great program, one of the most solid online businesses you can have today! It has a great track record of 18 years, and they are constantly improving the program to help affiliates be successful. And it's free to join! Join SFI today!

  • ClickTrackProfit - This is a very sophisticated system designed to help you learn the ropes to become profitable in the great world of Traffic Exchanges. As you work your way to become CTP Certified, you learn to master the tools by putting the advice into practice! Join ClickTrackProfit, and start collecting badges today!

  • DownlineMaxx - This program uses a very clever system to help you grow your downlines in several programs. Here, you can sell or rent the slots of the programs in the downline builder that you are NOT interested in, and you can buy or rent slots for programs you ARE interested in from other members using your points! This will help you grow your downlines automagically in many good programs!

  • ReferralBuilderElite - This is the downline builder of all downline builders!!! It contains more than two thousand programs already and it is growing every day. It offers an incredible tool that allows you to automatically fill your IDs in many of those programs. Plus, you can claim thousands of credits each and every month from several TEs and safelists. Simply awesome! (It was previously named DownlineBuilderElite, but all the members details have been transferred seamlessly to the new domain name, so if you were a member of DownlineBuilderElite, you are automatically a member of ReferralBuilderElite. And if you are not a member already, join right away to benefit from this great program!)

  • MailerNinja - This safelist downline builder will help you keep track of all your mailers and will let you know where and when you can send a mailing at each of your mailers. Priceless tool!

  • ViralTrafficGames - This program features a game where you can win credits and other prizes for using the traffic exchanges and safelists that are listed in the downline builder. Simply find the VTG Surf Game icon and move your character to earn a prize in the site you are surfing and points in the VTG game.

Traffic Downline Builders

  • TEHooplaDirectory - This traffic downline builder lists the best traffic exchanges based on independantly tested data. Use TEHooplaDirectory every day to get good results.

  • ListHooplaDirectory - This traffic downline builder lists the best safelists based on independantly tested data. Use ListHooplaDirectory every day to get good results.

  • TrafficHoopla - This is the original Hoopla downline builder.

  • PromoSlice - This downline builder site organizes surfing promos. When you surf the TEs participating in the daily promo(s), you will earn prizes offered by the TEs. Very clever site! On the Schedule page, click on the blue button on the right to see the details of each promo.

  • TrafficCodex - Get tons of free Promo Codes here, while building your downlines in the featured programs by promoting this downline builder!

  • TrafficTornado - This traffic downline builder lists several traffic exhanges. They provide a tool that lets you create your own splash page. Also, you can use the built-in Downline Mailer to send an email to all your first-level referrals.

  • TECommandPost - Once you have joined many traffic exchanges and are using them regularly, you will find that it can be hard to keep track of all the credits that you have in each TE. This very handy tool lists the TEs you are using and lets you see at a glance how many credits are assigned and unassigned at each one! No more guessing and logging in to all your TEs every day just to make sure you are not leaving some credits collecting dust in your accounts. You will see quickly exactly where to log in to assign credits, or where to surf to earn credits!

  • - This site offers you several tools that are necessary to succeed in the traffic exchange world: rotators, trackers, etc. It is very easy to use and works very well, and they are constantly adding new features and improving the site.

    If you are surfing without tracking, you are operating in the dark. When you are tracking your hits and your signups, it allows you to see which campaigns to keep and which ones to dump, and which TEs are producing results for YOUR pages, and which ones are not. So GETTING A TRACKER IS A MUST!

More Great Programs!

  • Join SFI Here - Although I already listed it at the top of the page, I'm repeating it here because you simply need this program in your portfolio! SFI is a great program, one of the most solid online businesses you can have today! It has a great track record of 18 years, and they are constantly improving the program to help affiliates be successful. You should definitely be working with SFI if you want to have a long-term business that you can count on for many years to come. And it's free to join! Join SFI today!

  • LeasedAdSpace - This is mainly a solo ad program, with a banner and text ad feature. When you buy the $7 package (which is a one-time purchase), you will get 8,000 banner impressions, 4,000 text ad impressions and a solo ad that you can send to the entire membership every 28 days for life!
    Join LeasedAdSpace now!

  • TrafficWave - TrafficWave offers unlimited autoresponders with an unlimited number of subscribers in each autoresponder. It has a very high delivery rate, which makes it one of the most reliable autoresponder online. Join TrafficWave now and start using this great autoresponder!

Other Resources

  • ListJoe - ListJoe is a safelist downline builder and mailer all rolled into one. You should definitely join this program now!

  • StartXChange - StartXChange is one of the top traffic exchanges out there. It has a lot of cool features: a friendly environment, a tough anti-cheat surf bar, a 15-second timer, a nice color scheme all over the site, a downline builder, a team system where you will always find people to help you, and more!

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