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If you're new to all this surfing for traffic stuff then STOP for a second and take a look at this.

I'm going to tell you how to do it right now for free. You don't even have to provide your email address! It's all right here on this page and I'll never bother you again. Unless you email me with questions. Then I will most gladly help you.

Ok so here's the concept:

  • You join as many Traffic Exchanges as you can.
  • You set them all up to advertise 2 pages for you. 
  • One of the 2 pages is a powerful advertisement that will encourage people to join EACH AND EVERY Traffic Exchange program underneath you creating mega referrals for you. 
  • The other page is YOUR website.
  • Then you surf the sites with the special free browser software that I mention below.
  • Eventually you will have so many referrals you can stop surfing so much because each referral earns you credits while they surf. I will explain everything below.

The first thing you should do is join Traffic Tornado for free. This is the website that you will be advertising to get referrals for ALL of your Traffic Exchanges. If you don't understand just join them for free and all will be revealed.

Here's what they offer:

  • A FREE TRAFFIC BUILDING website with all YOUR referral IDs inserted
  • Downline growth for potentially unlimited number of tiers
  • Total Flow-Through of your referral IDs for unlimited tiers
  • Mail your first level referrals once a week
  • This service is provided completely FREE of charge

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When you join they will give you a big list of traffic exchanges to sign up for.
Join them ALL.

Follow the instructions provided.

What you should do is use this Splash Page that you are reading now to advertise Traffic Tornado on all the Traffic Exchanges you just signed up for ALONG WITH whatever program or business opportunity you are offering. This way half the time you are advertising Traffic Tornado so you can get referrals for all your Traffic Exchange programs while building your list, and the other half of the time you are advertising your own website.

After awhile you should start seeing a lot of referrals joining under you in your traffic exchanges. This is the real secret to making this work. Your referrals will eventually fill up and earn points for you in all your traffic exchanges and you will not have to surf as much anymore. Then you will be getting hits to your sites even if you haven't surfed for awhile.

This is awesome! I want to join Traffic Tornado Now!

Ok now that's done here's another little trick.

There is a special browser you can use to load several of your Surf For Hits sites at the same time. You just flip through the tabs to surf them all and get credits. It's a whole lot faster than using Internet Explorer. And it's more secure too.

Download FireFox for Free Now!

Firefox is amazing! It has the ability to open multiple sites and windows inside a single browser window by using tabs at the top. It can handle multiple monitors and has tab status indicators. Annoying pop ups can also be removed automatically!

It also has many plugins available, and nice features are already embedded, such as safely remembering your passwords (you can set a master password to protect all your other passwords), a cool search on the page functionality that finds the words you are looking for as you type them, etc.

Other browsers also offer the multi-tab setup, but most of them require Internet Explorer to work, so they are vulnerable to the same flaws. Firefox is more secure than Internet Explorer as it is less prone to adware and spyware.

Firefox has a feature that allows you to save any combination of URLs as a group.

  • Open Firefox and in the place where you normally type in website addresses (address bar at the top), copy and paste your surf (or start) page URL for DragonSurf (you can join this program from inside your Traffic Tornado members area) and press the "Enter" key to load the URL.
  • You will then see your DragonSurf surf page loading.
  • Now click on [ File --> New Tab ] to open a new tab. Copy and paste the surf (or start) page URL of StartXChange into the address line and again press the "Enter" key.
  • Notice that you now have two tabs open at the top of your browser and that you can quickly navigate between windows by clicking on the tabs located at the top of each window. For example, if you want to go back to the first window, click on the tab to the far left.
  • Now open the surf (or start) page for each of the next 6 exchange programs on the list in its own new tab (just repeat the steps above). Don't forget to hit "Enter" after you've typed in each URL.
  • After you have those 8 separate windows open, click on "Bookmarks" on the main menu, then click on the "Bookmark All Tabs" option. Name the group "StartPages1" (or something different if you prefer) and click on the OK button.
  • Now, close the browser window. Then repeat the process with the next 8 exchanges on the list in Traffic Tornado. Name this group "StartPages2".

After you have these two groups set up, you can start the Firefox Browser and simply click to open all of the pages in either of the groups automatically through the "Bookmarks" option on the top menu. Just click on "Bookmarks", then select "StartPages1" and "Open All in Tabs" (in the window that pops up on the right).

When the pages finish loading, begin clicking for hits by alternating between the tabs! Don't forget to also alternate between groups. For example, one day I'll click on Group 1 exchanges, then I'll do Group 2 exchanges the following day.

If you have a slow connection and/or not very powerful computer, opening 8 pages at the same time may be too much. In this case, create more groups of fewer pages until your computer is running smooth enough to load all of each group's pages efficiently.

You can set your own daily hit target according to your connection speed and time limits. I try to make it a point to surf at least 20 to 50 hits per program each day, more if I can.

Even without any referrals, working 8 or more Start Page exchanges at once using this method allows you to generate a large amount of traffic to your website.

However, adding the traffic you can generate by sharing this method with referrals is the way to generate major streams of free traffic. That's what you'll be able to achieve by using this splash page.

Don't have a website or program to promote?

Listed below is one that I am having really good success with. If you join under me I will give you all the help you need to get started. All you have to do is email me with any questions after you join.

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